Corby Eurohub: Project Profile

TransDevelopment has a long history of designing and constructing automotive facilities in Europe. To date, the company has developed eight major terminals for railroads, trucking companies and leading steamship lines.

One of the highest profile projects is the modern, award-winning Corby Eurohub located in Northamptonshire, UK. The facility is England’s largest inland rail depot.

Our clients had the vision for this innovative 60-acre development – Walon UK and STVA, the auto transport subsidiary of the French National Railway. Together, they hired TransDevelopment for a turnkey suite of advisory and development management services.

The Eurohub has the capacity and infrastructure to distribute and process 150,000 vehicles per year. Two daily unit trains arriving through the English Channel Tunnel serve the facility. A team of TransDevelopment professionals handled real estate acquisition, arranged third-party financing, and provided design and construction services.

“The project involved extensive, detailed design and engineering,” says John MacGregor, TransDevelopoment president. “The design work was critical to ensure the most efficient use of the development site and the flow and movement of trains into and out of the facility and the processing operations. Even though the initial vehicle capacity was set at 150,000 vehicles per year, the site had to have the ability to process 250,000 vehicles in the future.”

TransDevelopment paved nearly 40 acres of yard areas for vehicle storage, constructed four site buildings, and developed extensive track work and ancillary facilities. Once the design work was finalized, the Eurohub took nine months to complete. The Corby Eurohub has several design features commonly found at North American terminals, including a truck-away loading roadway and site security systems.

TransDevelopment collaborated on the Corby project with several UK-based engineering and construction partners.

The anchor shipper for the Corby Eurohub project was Ford Europe. TransDevelopment’s work in the UK has continued with the opening of two distribution terminals for Ford Premier Auto Group (Jaguar cars) in Halewood (2002) and Castle Bromwich (2004).

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