TransDevelopment Completes Fairburn Intermodal Craneway Project

TransDevelopment recently completed a new, $2.2 million turnkey expansion to the largest Atlanta-area terminal served by CSX Intermodal. The expansion was designed to enable Rubber-Tire Gantry (RTG) crane service to the final two loading tracks. Six RTG-capable tracks are now in service at Fairburn. The project established a 4,800-foot long craneway, constructed with roller-compacted concrete in two zones. The project also included earthwork and drainage improvements to accommodate the craneway, as well as relocation of six high-mast light towers. The crane service is expected to improve the efficiency of the loading tracks, which were previously served with side-loaders. Following the groundbreaking in July, the project was completed over the course of four months. Terminal operations were unaffected throughout the duration of the work.

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