More Than 25 Years of Development Experience

TransDevelopment merges conceptualizing, design, and construction into a seamless delivery.

TransDevelopment explores the original project concept from all angles to develop a basis of design engineering master plan. The master plan allows every phase of a project to be designed and constructed independently. Serving as Development Manager, we carefully orchestrate each phase, maintaining focus on the big picture. We hold routine status meetings with clients to review progress and to incorporate changes without affecting project momentum.

1. Conceptual Planning

Exploration: From brainstorming to detailed alternatives analysis, TransDevelopment refines the initial project concept into a precise image reflecting client goals. We solicit client in-put on multiple proposals and revisions to bring ideas into focus. Our design and graphics team respond quickly and skillfully to put your ideas on paper.

Cost Studies, Budgeting and Scheduling: Concurrent with concept development, TransDevelopment prepares cost analyses examining short-term and long-term capital, construction, and operating costs. Through realistic budgeting and scheduling, TransDevelopment provides upfront information to help clients manage costs and maximize benefits.

2. Land-Use Planning, Permitting and Environmental Compliance

Land-Use Planning: Many projects require environmental review and permits from one or more government agencies. TransDevelopment conducts preliminary zoning and environmental analysis and prepares documents to support permit applications – engineering studies, survey and platting, and specialized consulting reports, including geotechnical and stormwater management.

Environmental Compliance: Through conceptual planning, permitting, final design, and construction, TransDevelopment works with clients and regulatory agencies to ensure that facilities complement the surrounding environment. We incorporate resource preservation and conservation strategies into site layout and design to meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

3. Design Engineering

Detailed Project Documents: Working from specifications developed in the conceptual design phase, TransDevelopment selects design engineers, other specialists and vendors, as needed, to provide the detailed project documents required for permitting and construction. We partner with specialists in alternative energy, geotechnical and soils analysis, biological resources, hydrology, noise and vibration, and visual impact mitigation to prepare and maintain a thorough document package.

Sustainability: Developing a freight-handling facility means committing a site to long-term use.  In order to remain viable over the long haul, the facility must have the layout and design flexibility to respond to changing markets. Environmentally sensitive design that addresses air, water, and energy conservation enhances a facility’s long-term flexibility by sitting more lightly on the ground, with pavement and structures that can be reconfigured or removed and recycled with relative ease. When we say “sustainable,” we mean both that it is built to last and that it is built with resource conservation in mind.

4. General Contracting

TransDevelopment maintains general contractor licensing in multiple states to provide design/build or traditional construction contracting to clients. Our extensive experience in all aspects of site/civil construction throughout the U.S. has built long-term relationships with both prime and sub-contractors and gives us the ability to mobilize quickly and efficiently on sites across the country. TransDevelopment also enjoys long-standing relationships with specialized equipment manufacturers, fabricators, and materials suppliers. Whether it’s full-service or specialty niche facility development you need, TransDevelopment has the depth and breadth of expertise to serve you.

Bid Solicitation and Contract Awards: For all construction projects, whether acting as a development manager or an open-books general contractor, TransDevelopment ensures that appropriate bid documents, owner-based construction contracts, architect’s and engineer’s drawings, permit conditions, and technical specifications are incorporated into the bid documents. Bids are evaluated and ranked according to the vendors’ combined expertise and commercial terms. Contracts are awarded only with owner approval.

Purchasing: TransDevelopment manages and purchases long-lead-time equipment and materials to meet critical schedule dates; routine purchases are handled as a part of sub-contractor work packages. Frequently, direct purchases of specialty equipment or materials for a terminal operation yield significant cost reduction for the owner, thanks to our national purchasing relationships.

5. Construction Management

As Construction Manager, TransDevelopment prepares and administers plans to manage a group of specialized contractors. TransDevelopment provides a site representative to coordinate activities and ensure that all constructed elements meet design specifications and client goals. Our development manager reviews all invoices, negotiates changes, and provides for payments either through a construction account or by forwarding approved invoices to the client for payment. We provide regular accountings and budget analyses to keep the client up-to-date.