Strategic Advisory Services Delivering Tangible, Value-Driven Results

Leading shippers, transportation companies and logistics firms often turn to TransDevelopment early in the initial marketing and planning stages of projects. TDG’s experienced advisors provide business-optimization consulting to give clients a leg-up on the competition.

1. Feasibility Studies and Business Development

TransDevelopment provides an objective “reality check” to ensure that there are sound business reasons for moving ahead with an initiative. Feasibility studies include market analysis, preliminary real estate evaluations, review of government permitting requirements, and reports on business climates or other factors unique to projects. Building on initial feasibility studies, TransDevelopment helps clients structure proposals and business plans to spearhead marketing initiatives.

2. Site Selection and Due Diligence

TransDevelopment routinely supports clients’ efforts to identify and acquire suitable real estate with a variety of confidential services ranging from GIS-based mapping to field-based site searches. We investigate environmental conditions, regulatory strictures, and permitting history to prepare feasibility studies and facilitate negotiations with property owners.

3. Facility Management Reviews

For clients contemplating a new freight distribution facility, TransDevelopment prepares a comprehensive and detailed inventory of existing facilities to benchmark industry practices and market conditions. Based on that inventory, we make recommendations for planning, design, construction and operation of the new facility. As a facility ages, its operating needs and the regulatory landscape shift. Management review for an existing facility includes an overview of applicable operating regulations – including public safety and environmental requirements – and recommends changes to facility lay-out or operating policies, as necessary, to ensure compliance and maximize efficiency.

4. Budgeting

TransDevelopment’s budgetary experience spans both private and public sector projects. Our team prepares and presents clear, concise, and detailed capital development budget reports to plan rehabilitation, schedule maintenance, and validate new construction proposals. Throughout conceptual planning and construction or rehabilitation of facilities, TransDevelopment monitors and analyzes costs to ensure completion within budgetary limits.

5. Marketing

TransDevelopment’s emphasis on concept development supports clients’ marketing efforts with high quality presentations, illustrations, proposals, project summaries, and schematics. Our development management team regularly makes oral presentations to government agencies, project partners, investors, and community stakeholders to enhance our customers’ marketing efforts.