A list of the TransDevelopment team is provided below.
Please direct general comments to info@transdevelopment.com.

Name Title Phone
Cheng, Nian Development Associate 678.428.2015
Childs, Ahkilah Office Manager
Ferris, Jason Construction Manager/ Corporate Safety Officer 678.428.7621
Green, Randy Senior Construction Manager 678.595.9037
Karam, Chris Development Associate 678.310.1559
Klein, Jennifer Development Manager & Administrator 503.241.1909
MacGregor, Alex Senior Development Manager 404.209.1551
MacGregor, John President 404.209.1551
Metcalfe, Kevin Senior Development Manager 773.404.1963
Robbins, Bill Principal 503.241.2522
Rothweiler, Jeff Senior Design Manager 951.303.0117
Ruth, Cassie Senior Development Administrator 404.209.1551
Sanchez, Clarisa Office Manager 55.5524.2936
Spencer, Cara Administrative Assistant 404.209.1551
Terron, Carlos Vice President, Development Services 404.209.1551
Trujillo, Nancy Planning & Logistics Manager 55.2750.0893