Kia Automotive Terminal


West Point, Georgia

Kia awarded TransDevelopment the contract to build the 27-acre rail terminal and related infrastructure: a lead track from CSXT, 320-ft. railway bridge, 1,600-ft. tail track, two setout tracks and three loading tracks. TransDevelopment served as the project designer and construction manager.

The West Point site was a challenge for the rail designers. From the CSXT mainline west of the plant, the connecting track ascends a 30-ft. grade and crosses Long Cane Creek. TransDevelopment studied a series of different approaches and eventually worked to design and develop a major new railway bridge over the Long Cane floodplain.

Terminal, rail bridge and trackwork design began in April 2008, followed by site clearing and earthwork in the summer. Arterial grading and paving elements were completed after that and track and bridge construction began later in 2008. The project was completed by year-end, ahead of schedule and under budget.

The rail terminal and connecting trackwork were all planned for growth. The loading track is designed to go from 36 to 90 railcars. The support yard has the flexibility to expand from today’s 80-car capacity to 400 railcars.