• Client Port of Long Beach
    Toyota Logistics Services
  • Location
    Long Beach, California
  • Type Analysis and Master Plan
  • Our Solutions Operations Analysis
    Land-Use Planning
    Conceptual Design
    Capital Budgeting
    Program Management

Port of Long Beach Auto Masterplan


Long Beach, California

The Port of Long Beach commissioned TransDevelopment to conduct an in-depth logistics and land-use study for the Toyota Logistics Services Marine Terminal, in an effort to evaluate the effects of expanding its container handling terminals. TransDevelopment analyzed potential consolidation and relocation alternatives and their impact on Toyota’s future operations.

The study included throughput capacity analyses for the master plan of an expanded $48-million facility. TransDevelopment prepared detailed layouts, computerized throughput models, and generated terminal acreage requirements for the facility. The advisory team completed preliminary designs of the intermodal rail yard, gate area and railway access tracks. A modular grid overlay planning system was used to lay out storage areas.